Thursday, April 07, 2011

The fate of the thirsty and the greedy

As someone who may have read my blog in the past, you may remember this & this when I was irrationally exultant about what all I had gathered for so little. And then my hubris took new turns - I discovered the public library scene, which drove me nuts. Despite my own admission that I needed to read a few of those, I was banking on the USPS' Media Mail service to help me send my box(es) of books to India. Turns out that Media Mail is only for domestic shipments.

So I am now faced with the cruel task of leaving behind some books I have bought.

While my 20B20W is history, I shall now embark upon something more ambitious and admittedly shallow  - knocking off 26 books that are unlikely to reach the Deccan peninsula (19 of which I bought) in 9 weeks. Mercifully 7 of the 26 are library books which just need to go back to their shelves.

Some time in my life in the future, I shall look at this and snort at it, but for now, my reading speed shall lace up for a wild race to June 15th!



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