Monday, September 15, 2014

3 years

I delayed this post by a few days since I was waiting for an email from the BAA that arrived this morning.

My entry to the 2015 edition of the Boston Marathon has been confirmed. That adds another line to the story of my life since Sep 2011, while ticking off the one item that spurred me to quit my job, 3 years ago.

My running is quite fine, although I wish I were lighter but if you ate 4 kadubus before breakfast, you can hardly expect your weight to watch itself! I know what I will be doing on the running front for the next 6 months at least. The weight should drop by a bit as I head towards the end of the year. Coaching has been a mixed bag as several of my trainees have hit personal bests while some others have been dogged by injuries. My own left shin, the cause of much heartburn last year is now mended.

In addition to my BQ, I also managed to get certified as a personal trainer this year. So that has lent some much needed perspective to my health & fitness in general, not to mention opening fresh avenues in my professional life. I am hoping it aids my quest to remedy the bank balance anxiety, which is surprisingly a frequent item in my thought process.

Reading recovered mildly in Apr-May, since I spent 6 weeks in the US, during which I read a book every week but has withered since. My bank balance is rather precarious but life in general, is quite wonderful.

And I managed to revive my podcast, Runalyze This, which had become dormant for almost a year. Keeping it going will be quite some work, though.

I managed a trip to Jog Falls, last month, after having wanted to go there for almost two decades! That trip was amazing too, as my wife and I, got away on a trip for more than a day, for the first time since our Europe trip last year, which was kickstarted by my appearance in the Berlin Marathon. The trip to Jog Falls also helped restore some balance to my married life :)

As I alluded to in this post, my life continues to be enriched by the generosity of numerous friends. Am really looking forward to the next 18 months or so, during which many things are planned - not all of them running-related, some of which I shall share on this blog from time to time.

So how have you been?

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