Tuesday, September 08, 2015

4 years

This is my annual post on striking out on my own since Sep 2011. This time, unlike the last 2 years, I got working on it, well in advance.

The year since Sep 2014 has been very interesting. For one, I did add a footnote to one chapter of my life - the chasing the Boston Marathon one, which had gotten ticked off at around this time last year. I had enormous fun running the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge, running the Big Sur Marathon, 6 days after the Boston Marathon.

Since then, I have embarked on yet another adventure of starting my own company, Drava along with my friend and fellow runner, A. We hope that it will make us both happier. My coaching gig continues to teach me more than I expected to learn as a coach. And some relationships built thru my coaching have just been incredibly fun and rewarding. They're the primary reason I continue to do what I do, now that my own goal is out of the way.

I have begun a couple of other assignments beyond my coaching, all of which allow me to make a living in the running universe. My writing however has diminished from the 2011 level. I am trying to make a comeback on the reading front and this year has been promising although the next 4 months will tell how that will end up, as I have over half a dozen books, read in part. Quizzing has almost vanished from my life this year, partly due to some overlap of running events on the dates of major quizzes, but also due to my teammate being out of country. And starting my own company has resulted in some petty tasks, once in a while, which results in schedule conflicts.

I was bringing this post to a close y'day and all I had to talk about was about running, a little about being married and some reading. However, the sudden news of the death of a cheery spirit I knew reasonably well from the world of running, a fellow bibliophile and someone who travelled enough to make the rest of us envious about her beautiful journeys, has made this moment rather sombre. While I wish her spirit more cheerful wanderings beyond this life, it has more than served to remind me that all of us have but one precious life. We might as well enjoy every day as much we can.

I am thankful to various generous spirits who have made mine wonderful.

If you got reading this far, let me know what's up with you...

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