Monday, September 11, 2017

6 years

Aha! That time of the year when I look back at another year post quitting my job.

I cheat a bit since I do a bit of looking back in my annual post on my my year of reading too. Anyways, back to topic.

I have finally gotten to a point when the longest I have worked for anyone is myself. That has taken quite some holding on to my resolve.

The year gone by has been better than the prev one.

Coaching continues to be my primary source of income. I have however begun spending a little more time consulting for the nice folks at The Fuller Life, something I began doing about 2 years ago. That means less time spent chilling out in general. For the last month or so, I am no longer napping in the day like I used to. That is likely to continue till Mar 2018, when I shall take a call on what I will do about my work when I turn 40. It is possible that coaching may no longer account for a bulk of my income like it has till date, from Apr 2018 but as of now, I have no clue what will. While financial goals serve as a counterweight to my enthusiasm, the year gone by, has also yielded opportunities to change the health and hence lives of at least 3 people. And there are some more in the works. I can't be more delighted with what I do. Thanks to all those people for the opportunity to do so. Fulfilment has never been lacking. The other, continuous source of pleasure from what I do is the number of interesting people I end up meeting.

Reading has been much better this year - partly why I feel better about the year. I still do crosswords daily, much less quizzing though :(

My own running has been quite fun too - thanks in large part to miles accumulated on trails in this year. I ran my fastest 10K race in India in May and also qualified for Boston at a race in the US in June. I guess the one big change in my thought on my running is that I am at a stage where I can pass the opportunity to actually run in Boston, when I have one in hand. It has been a nice journey from setting everything else in my life aside to do precisely that over 6 years ago, to getting to a stage where I can let it pass. Incidentally I spent the last 2 days not running due to a swollen ankle and I didn't agonize for a moment about not running at all. In the last 10 days, I have been in bed voluntarily till 8 am or so, twice! No complaints. I still want to run Comrades. I am running the Malnad 80K in about a month. So I do have running goals but they aren't the only ones in my life. 

I still have no major life goals - the same state I have been in, ever since May 2014 when I managed to run a time which would get me an entry into Boston. And I am ok about that. 

As in the prev year, many thanks to my dear wife and various other people who try and make my life such a joy.

The one sad note of the year is to see some trees in Lalbagh in particular and Basavanagudi in general, incl some closer home (those I have seen for almost 3 decades) go down, due to the stormy rains in Bangalore this year :(

See you next year.

Regardless of how you got here, now that you are here, say hello, write in and let me know how you have been and anything else you have been perhaps meaning to say :)

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Blogger J Ramanand said...

I need to publish something like this for myself. Will do it this week. Always a pleasure to read this.

9/11/2017 4:13 AM  
Blogger manoj said...

Congrats D and All the very best. The last line, I can resonate with, it makes such a big difference to see a comment on a nice post.

9/11/2017 6:24 AM  

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