Friday, December 29, 2023

Books in 2023

2023 has been an tougher year than 2022 from a personal time perspective and hence for reading. The first 3+ months were a washout since we had no nanny. But I managed what I could from Apr onwards. Here are the books I finished

  1. Deep by James Nestor (this is a little all over the place vs his subsequent book, Breathe, but it is fascinating and never boring)
  2. Dare to Tri by Louise Minchin (I was trying to coach someone to his first triathlon and wanted to see what the journey of someone who did so, was like)
  3. Outlive by Peter Attia (sort of overhang from my reading from 2022. I was just curious to see what he had to say, given his presence in the modern health space)
  4. Choosing to Run by Des Linden
  5. The Innovation Stack by Jim McKelvey
  6. Radical Candor by Kim Scott
  7. The Long Game by Dorie Clark
  8. The Power Law by Sebastian Mallaby
  9. A Boy in the water by Tom Gregory*
  10. Good for a Girl by Lauren Fleshman
  11. The Best by Mark Williams and Tim Wigmore**
  12. Adapt by Tim Harford***
  13. The Museum of Curiosity: Series 1-4 (audiobook)
  14. The Museum of Curiosity: Series 5-8 (audiobook)
  15. The Museum of Curiosity: Series 9-12 (audiobook)
  16. The Museum of Curiosity: Series 13-16 (audiobook)
  17. Master of Change by Brad Stulberg
  18. In it for the long run by Damian Hall
  19. We share the sun by Sarah Gearhart

*wonderful moving book. A hark back to the days when the world was perhaps simpler. Very hard to not cry at several points in the book.
**fabulous reading esp for a coach
***re-read this for some work

I really loved Lauren Fleshman's book since it is a fantastic insider's viewpoint into the life of a gifted athlete and a rare one at that, given she's a woman (sadly, there still aren't enough books about female athletes). I highly recommend you try it. 

13-16 brought some much needed joy into my life. It is a quirky radio show, filled with very smart people and lots of fun and trivia. Hits the spot for me. And each episode in the series is ~20min. I loved it so much that I rationed my consumption so that I wouldn't run out of it quickly. Strongly recommend it as a daily dose to anyone who wants to lighten their day up.

I just picked A Boy in the Water as my book for the year because it had more resonance for me as a coach and I am a sucker for emotional stories and at this point in my life, like swimming a lot. While 18 is about Sang (Kipchoge's coach) and is mostly around running and is predictably a good read, it didn't make me cry at any point



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