Thursday, May 25, 2006

Breakfast of Champions!?

Hmm... we have all heard of the "Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper" saying.

But what to the Kenyans eat?!

Here is what they do

Thanks to Quizman for the tip.

Trial of Manju's Killers - 5,6,7 June

The trial of Manju's killers is scheduled for the 5th (6th and 7th) at Khiri (near Lucknow). A few Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (MST) members will be attending the trial.

Anyone else interested, please contact the trust.

It would be of great help if the system witnesses a display of normal Indians throwing their might behind someone who was gunned down on duty.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

23.1 km + Mahaquizzer 2006 equal a full Sunday

RFL had its 26.4 km race today – 8 laps of Ulsoor Lake. However I chose to run only 7 laps as I was not keen on running so much distance as I have not run more than 10 km in more than a month. This is the first time that I have not run the entire scheduled part of the race. Unusually I had withdrawal symptoms on the 1st lap! There has been a niggle in the left knee (Now its better. I have niggles in both knees!) in the past 2 days and I kept worrying about whether to see a doc and pull out. The legs showed no signs of recovery. After having seen enough professional runs and the Tour De France, I have realized that when in doubt, tag along someone! So I just stuck to the lead runner and didn’t run my usual fastest 1st lap. With that out of the way, my legs woke up.

Did 10 km in 47 mins 5 secs! Not bad. Had thought that I would stop after 6 laps (20 km). When I realized that I had done that in 1 hr 41 mins, thought I would stop after 1 more lap. Finished 23.1 km in 2 hrs and 58 secs. That is about 2 mins better than my Mumbai performance earlier this yr. Shoes hurt a lot. Will need to buy newer shoes faster than planned. Turns out good ol’ Thomas is leaving India  Met Thomas a little over a year ago at the 1st meeting that we had thru marathon runners for Mumbai, after which, almost of us began running with RFL.

And after that, went to Indian Coffee House for a dosa and a coffee with fellow RFLers. And then ran to the Mahaquizzer contest on MG Road. Did better than last yr. Got 37 on 150! Didn’t write about half a dozen answers that came to mind! But then, had gone there to have fun and got more than my share of it. Corrected some quiz papers and had great fun, rubbing some answers into fellow participants and got more than some rubbed in. And then are some people who make you feel that there is a generation gap between you and them - Only you don't know whether they seem to know stuff from your generation or you don't know stuff from your own!

Overall, merry weekend or rather like Seth says, "Fun was had by all."

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Signs of Ageing

Wait at intersections. Drive around 60 kmph or lower. No longer listen to loud music. Listen to instrumental. Listen to religious music (Not that I have acquired a sudden increase in faith) However I would rather listen to Balamurali singing Bhadrachalam Ramdas keerthanas rather than listen to movie music, say.

Monday to Friday: Wake up, Gym, Work, Coffee, Read, TV
Sat & Sun: Wake up, Run, Read, Coffee. Maybe quiz if I am in Bangalore

Life has acquired a certain predictability. I choose not to do a lot of things outside Work, Run, Read & Quiz. Sadly, blogging is one of the casualties, since I only have time for so many things.

Argue only when necessary (which these days is rare). Pick battles.
Worry a lot about parents. Plan and replan spending for the month. Plan investments. Plan savings. Plan vacations.


What the heck is happening?!

I am getting old.

Thankfully the body is not yet acting like its old.