Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mahapallipuram - ECR Run

After a gap of nearly a year, I ran with the Chennai Runners today. The plan was to do about 25 km (which was what someone estimated!) - the distance between the Toll Booth in Uthandi/Kannathur to Mahabalipuram along East Coast Road. Turns out that the distance is actually about 28 km.

I covered about 14 miles in 2 hrs. And then I decided to rest my legs as another 6-8 km run was planned in the evening with the Hash in Chennai. But the latter didn't happen. After about a km's walk after 2 hrs, I decided to walk for about a mile or so and then took a rick.

The experience was great, made immensely pleasurable by the company of an American couple - the woman being the fastest in the group and the guy doing his first ever distance over 8 miles or so and he ran more than a half! Also, there was Kiruba, who also ran his first race in almost a year with the group! And then there was Shahid, who runs his own business and has this lovely CR-V, which ferried us to and fro from the city to the starting points for the run.

Considering I woke up at an uneartly 3:45 am to make it in time for the 4 am pickup, slept in the afternoon after a long time to make up for some lost sleep.

The title of this post is shamelessly poached from Ram's entry on flicker. He even took cool pics of the group, including this one.

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Blogger Unknown said...

hey man...that was indeed a superb run. Good fun running with you mate !!

3/13/2007 9:38 PM  

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