Thursday, October 02, 2008

Succumbing to Temptation...

Confession: Last time I went to Landmark to redeem my points, I had actually left behind my card at home and they refused to entertain me :( So I paid cash. And the sale got extended!!!

However, I went and bought 2 delightful books today on those pending points
The Pythons (Autobiography by the The Pythons)
i before e (except after c) by Judy Parkinson

The first book is an account of the romp thru life of The Monty Pythons by the 6 members of the troupe, while the second is a set of mnemonics, etc or as the author calls it "old-school ways to remember stuff"

Now the itch to get any more books is gone :) Back to reading now, which is proceeding at a brisk pace (to my delight) for the week. More soon...



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