Friday, October 03, 2008

TGIF - the work version!

Had planned a day's leave to try and get a 4 day weekend.
Did my 1st run on a weekday in a long time. Did a mix of interval, tempo and fartlek training.
Ran about 12K, 4K at less than race pace, 4K at cool down pace and 4K at what my host in Portland would have called "Oh brother!" pace (essentially ran atleast 4 loops of 770 m at 3 min-3min 20 sec pace). Got such a violent kick out of it, decided to cancel leave and go to work!
This is my 1st ever workout and am glad to include it in my Boston series.
Hopefully by New Year's eve, if this continues, I shall be kicking up a fuss at 400 m in closer to 1 min 15 pace. Tempo running, here I come next...

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