Saturday, August 21, 2010

Anger is the best floss

Nothing motivates me like anger does.

Ran 30 km in 2:58:47. No breakfast again. But this time I didn't forget. Had kheer last night. So I thought that was heavy enough. I was wrong but not by much. Ran out of fuel only when I reached Siddhi Vinayak (3 km before finish). Had a Perk with Glucose in it. (Cadbury guys, if you need an endorser, I am available ;)) Since I ran alone, had to buy water at Babulnath from that Farsaan shop. Lost about 45 sec for the chocolate purchase and about 30 sec for the water. I guess I can clip another 2-3 min by virtue of not having to carry water during races.

Saw Nitin Paranjpe and his wife, first on the entry to Worli Sea Face and then on the way back. When I smiled at him, he gave me a bewildered smile back!

And Anil bhai and I saw each other yet again... He did some fantastic sprinting with some 2 of his chums to close his run on Marine Drive.

Crossed Savio also (who was training someone) twice, once when I crossed Anil.

Dan gave a booster shout near Worli and that helped clip about a min on this run. Thanks Dan..

I am beginning to like the way I look now. Must be down atleast a kilo and my 30 inch trousers are loose...

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