Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pedder Road, old friend, we meet again

After a 5 week layoff from running, necessitated by an injury, I resumed running y'day.
Ran about 5 miles - with the last mile being the fastest mile of the 5.
And then this morning, said hello to my old friend (I have spent more weekends running up Pedder Road and hence been in its 'company" than I have spent with anyone except perhaps my parents!).
Ran into several running buddies from Bombay who were all finishing up, thanks to my waking up late :(
And last night's monstrous dessert at a friend's wedding feast was just asking to be burned up.
But then, running 10 miles was made doubly tough since I ran in the rain for almost the entire return leg from Chowpatty...However the newer lighter me (despite the weight gained back in the last 5 weeks) found it much easier to go up Pedder Road twice, than I have ever found it in the past.
Good friend, we shall start meeting again, more often.


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