Sunday, August 21, 2011

TV- Facepalm

Am not even watching whatever I am writing about, but I can overhear the loud TV downstairs. So let me vent. Pick one only from the three unequally agonizing choices below
1. Rahul Dravid being given out despite nothing being conclusive on Hotspot. Eventual Indian innings capitulation threatens
2. Endless Anna Hazare on various news channels on a suspiciously expensive looking stage
3. Kannada TVs show by a beautiful actress of yesteryear whose today's show's topic was debating maid-servants

Before I vent any further on what has locked me into an infinite loop of facepalms, sample this.

One apparently harassed woman says how maids refuse to work without coffee. One earnest sounding maid responds saying that she gets up way too early and has too little time before she heads out to work to make coffee for herself. Actress says she disagrees with maid and how she as an actress ... SERIOUS WTF-ness. Since when did actresses and maids have equal amounts of personal work?! ...Last heard the show was also discussing issues on sexual harassment, etc.

I hate to say this, but why don't more people watch NETWORK before getting into TV?! Lumet, RIP


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