Friday, May 27, 2016

Training for KTM, Bangalore Ultra, other races in Sep-Nov 2016

If you are looking at training for a running event (5K, 10K, half marathon or an event over that distance) in the next 16 weeks or so, read on.

Check out Drava for some details on our running and coaching. Since May 2015, we have coached several runners in groups (for companies) and individuals for events ranging from the 5K to 50K and beyond.

Our coaching is based on a runner-specific philosophy. We use approaches which work for the runner. So we coach people from 3 days a week to 5 days a week. Our runners in the last year have run times ranging from 1:36 hours for a half marathon and 3:44 for a full marathon to 2:42 for a half marathon and 5:48 for a full marathon. We don't care whether you are fast or slow and want to run fast or slow. We care a lot about you being uninjured and happy while you are running. We aren't concerned with whether you want to run for a specific event or not. We have multiple trainees who are not training for any specific event. However it helps if you have a coherent goal - whether it is time bound or distance bound.

Our next batch of trainees are training for the following events
  1. Kaveri Trail Marathon (it is in its 10th year!)
  2. Berlin Marathon
  3. Malnad Ultra (the first edition)
  4. Amsterdam Marathon
  5. Bangalore Ultra (also in its 10th year)
  6. New York Marathon

and other events.

We have trainees around the world. So remote training is a possibility too.

We intend to commence batches for KTM from 30th May 2016, 16 weeks from race day. Do take a look at our site for more info on our coaching philosophy, fees and other details. There's also a link to a questionnaire for prospective trainees on our site. Please do fill it up if you want to explore training with us. One of us will get in touch with you soon after you have done so. We already have a few people signed up to start training with us for the above races and we have a limit on our intake. So if you are interested, do get going on having that discussion with us.

Happy Running!


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