Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coaching for running events in Jun-Sep 2015

Some of you may remember my excited announcement in Mar about my partnering with Athreya to coach runners from mid-May. Well the time has come.

This Sat (23 May 2015), Athreya and I will host a general Q&A about our coaching at Cubbon Park. We plan to meet at 7 am at Queen's Park in Cubbon Park. If there's no issue in our assembly and most people are fine, we might just move to the bandstand (very close to the high court) at Cubbon Park if needed.

We think the session will last about 1 hr. We will each spend 15 min or so discussing by turns - my Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge and his sub-4 finish at the Bangalore Ultra and then start the 30 min Q&A.
We plan to start batches for Hyderabad, KTM and other races in the Aug-Sep period. Batches for events in Oct and beyond will start later. 

We invite anyone who is interested in getting coached by us in this timeframe (regardless of whether you plan to run events or just on your own) to attend. It does not matter if you have never run before. In fact we would encourage beginners/would-be beginners to attend.

Although this isn't a closed session, we'd prefer if you mailed and confirmed your attendance so that we have a sense of the attending numbers.

We look forward excitedly to this weekend.

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