Saturday, January 03, 2009

Movies, Books, etc in the holidays

I have been reading a bit and seeing quite a few movies during these holidays.

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye (Yet another decent movie with Abhay Deol. Loads of desi invectives. Dibakar manages to convey his Delhi background yet again. Entertainment guaranteed. However while Abhay Deol manages to impress, this is not as good as his previous "Manorama..." Neither does Dibakar excel as he did in "Khosla ka ..." However both show that they are not one-hit wonders.)

Welcome to Sajjanpur (can't understand why Shyam Benegal did this movie)- Good watch (though). Extremely local plot, thankfully. Fairly timely songs (one of Ray's grouses). Good performances by the main cast and supporting cast as well. And mostly gentle music. Recommended for incurable romantics. The perennial crush on Amrita Rao continues.

Also been seeing a lot of classic movies resulting in yet another crush on a fictional character - Jean Arthur as Saunders in Mr Smith goes to Washington ...Also another crush on Martha Vickers as Carmen Sternwood - though she's mostly drunk/out of her mind in the movie. The last time I admitted to this was here. Find the trembling of Lauren Bacall's nostrils more than a little weird. Am I the only one who notices these things?!

Read "Our Films Their Films" by Satyajit Ray. There is an article in the book written in 1948 which talks about what ails Indian movies!!! Every word in the piece rings true even today.

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