Sunday, September 28, 2008

Haile breaks the marathon world record again

Read this and see Berlin Marathon for more details.

I had thought that Sammy Wanjiru would be running this year and hence expected a record breaking attempt. I got it wrong by a year, but Haile broke it anyways. Expect a tough race next year as well.

I tip Wanjiru to break this record unless Kenenisa Bekele starts running marathons earlier than I think I will. While Wanjiru seems to have the talent required (and so far, he has shown mostly that while being short of marathon experience), Bekele is the big race man.

Unless, Haile does it again!



Blogger bk said...

Nice blog! Surfed over from RFL.

Yes Geb is da man! Right now the only guy who can take it from him is Wanjiru, and based on his performance in Beijing, he is quite capable of a low 2:03 on a flat, fast course like Berlin. Hope he doesnt over race and burn out.

I don't expect to see Bekele step off the track for a few more years. Maybe a half marathon or two.


9/28/2008 7:52 PM  

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