Friday, February 20, 2009


Back to my favourite city on earth, albeit for a weekend.

Been in Orissa for the last 3 weeks on work. It has been nothing like what I had expected. The greenery in the surrounding areas was only seen when I went out for a long run, which I did on only 2 days. On the other days, I stayed content with a run in the ground of the sports complex of the township I was with. And there is also the stench of the chemicals in the air due to the plant I work in. So the air is not really pristine and fresh like you would expect in a place with so much surrounding greenery.

Quite a busy day after getting back and some tough decisions were taken in life. Quite draining. The saving grace has been the filter coffee I have been overdosing on, since I got back. Can't believe it is 3 weeks without a drop of filter coffee :( It is the longest I have gone without filter coffee in recent times.

Look forward to getting some things done at work over the next 3 weeks and returning to the garden city. More proof that I can't live in a non-urban area for long, unless I had dirty amounts of money.

Reading Julian Barnes' Something to Declare. Quite delightful (more so, since I haven't touched either of the books I took on my trip :( ). Catching up quite a bit on regular life. Looks like this year's target will fall short of last yr's unless I take a long holiday sometime soon.


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