Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Oscar predictions

While I write this post from the airport waiting to leave my beloved city, the Oscars are on. By the time my flight lands in Vizag, I expect AR Rahman to have created history. Since I haven't seen all the nominees, my predictions are limited. But here they are

Mickey Rourke for best actor from The Wrestler
AR Rahman for best song and best score for Slumdog
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for best movie (I don't like this choice, but I don't like its competition either)...
I don't think that the best director and best movie will be for different movies this year. Hence David Finch should win for direction, but if I am wrong on one of these, I guess Slumdog will win both. Or maybe there will be a curious consolation and splitting of the prizes b/w TCOBB and SM.



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