Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday afternoon run

After staying up till after 4 am working again after a night out the previous night, you don't notice when the alarms go off... (Atleast I am not superhuman... I wish I could lie and say my body can take that but it can't and I can't)

Some kid woke me up to apologize for missing y'day's run and was wondering if I am running today!

I even made breakfast for myself (toast only in case you wanted to know) to prepare for a 30 km. And it was already 10 am...

So I pushed it to later in the eve.

And then guilt took over. So ran 23 km in about 2:20 or more, primarily due to the oppressive humidity in the company of the kid who cycled along...

Not bad for this week. I have finally crossed 40 km for the week... How will I get to 75 in a day? :(

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